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March Madness… It’s On! Selling Your Buckhead-Atlanta Home

You’ve probably heard that spring is the best time to list your Buckhead-Atlanta home for sale. However, most Sellers don’t really know how to use this strategy effectively. When it’s cold outside, it’s hard to get into spring fever mode and get excited about putting your home on the market. Using a REALTOR® who understands… Read more »

Housing Predictions for the Atlanta Area for 2017

Atlanta saw some big developments take shape in 2016 and 2017 is proving that we’ll see even more.  Overall, 2016 was a big year for developments of all kinds in Atlanta. Not only did we have major developments in real estate but in our economy as well. Transit support with MARTA, the Atlanta’s bike share… Read more »

Best New Year’s Eve Events in Buckhead and Atlanta

  The champagne’s on ice. Ready to toast your friends? Ready to kiss the love of your life? And, are you ready for 2017? If you’re looking for some fun events going on New Year’s Eve around Atlanta and specifically the Buckhead area, here are some of the best events to choose from. There are… Read more »

Atlanta Ranked One of the Best Cities For Big Profit Flippers

Atlanta is one of the top places in the US where flipping houses snag a big profit, according to AATOM Data Solutions. In general, the gross return on investment yields up to 121% with a profit of around $55,000. This is primarily due to a number of homes still underwater. In the first quarter of 2016, 46%… Read more »

40% of Atlanta Renters Could Buy a House

…. If they really wanted to. In a recent analysis, Atlanta is among the top 10 cities with the highest number of renters who could actually afford homeownership. This is surprising, considering places like San Diego and San Francisco, where renting is just as high, if not higher than buying a home and making a mortgage payment.… Read more »

The Most Expensive Homes in Atlanta

Ultimate Luxury Living $48 million. That’s the price of the most expensive home in Atlanta Georgia. This nearly 18,000 square-foot single-family home features seven bedrooms and 9 1/2 bathrooms on nearly 19 acres built in 1993. This home is 175 times more expensive than the average home in Atlanta which is just $273,000.  View all… Read more »

Atlanta Home Buyers and Sellers, Have You Been Misinformed About Realtor Commissions?

Dear Home Buyers and Sellers of the Atlanta area and surrounding communities, have you been misinformed about Realtor commissions? The post below, while certainly not an exhaustive list, does provide a good overview and some insight into how Realtors are paid and/or compensated for our services. ORIGINAL CONTENT BY SHERRY SCALES 548155 You Have Been… Read more »

Atlanta For Sale By Owner Advice

Atlanta For Sale By Owners, when going it alone, are you leaving money on the table?  Here are some important points to keep in mind when attempting to sell your Atlanta home on your own. ORIGINAL CONTENT BY DOUG ROGERS These days every penny counts. As the father of four daughters I certainly understand the… Read more »

I May Not Be The Listing Agent But I Can Certainly Help You!

Atlanta home Buyers, going directly to the listing Broker to purchase a home will not save you any money.  In fact, if you’re not represented by a Buyer’s agent, you’re more likely to lose money and your interests throughout the buying process will not be protected. The post below puts it rather succinctly and applies… Read more »

A Little Remodeling Now Could Make For Better Independent Seniors Living

A Little Remodeling Now Could Make For Better Independent Seniors Living The growing need for good home design for Atlanta’s aging population who want to stay in their homes instead of moving in with their children or into an assisted living is becoming more important than ever. A little planning now can help you do… Read more »

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